The Charter School

Designed on a massive scale, with every amenity you can imagine and more. Spread across nine acres of land near Kochi, The Charter School is a world class educational institution with state-of- the-art infrastructure and futuristic facilities aimed at the holistic development of the children.

Our Brief

It was something unusual, not your run-of-the-mill stuff. What they wanted was something subtle, yet bordering on the abstract. There was to be a feeling of the infinite, the eternal and the all-encompassing. But it had to be also a multipurpose video capable of attracting prospective investors. We were hooked!

The Idea

We wanted to come up with something innovative and memorable. The consensus was to utilize the immense possibilities of motion graphics. We defined the logo in terms of dots which could be joined to give different symbols representing various concepts/objects all in the stark background of the night sky.

The Outcome

It was engrossing work. There were dramatic moments when motion graphics came forth in all its magical splendor. It was supported by a lively script and soundtrack and occasional human sounds of joy and laughter. When everything fell into place it was something we could look back with pride.

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