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About Us

How it all came about?

So you get to know us better

We are a group of creative artists offering innovative multimedia creations in the service of product marketing. Our capabilities include all aspects of explainer video production, animation, web design, animated modules for e-learning, graphic design for feature films and a host of other skills.

What’s in a name?

Puzzled by ‘Eunoians’? It was a deliberate choice. We wanted something unusual, mystifying, yet meaningful. The answer was Eunoians!

It’s really simple!

Eunoia is pronounced yu-nO-ya. It’s from Greek and means goodwill or beautiful thinking. We Eunoians treasure your goodwill. And we take pride in our beautiful thinking!

And what’s more…

‘Eunoia’ is a very special word! It’s the smallest word containing all the vowels of English. You see, Eunoians are also special!


How may we help you today?

Allied services

We have the capability to execute a variety of multimedia tasks.
Just have a look at the team members’ profiles!

Web Design

Eunoians have expertise of a high order in the area of web design and development. We have done aesthetically attractive web designs with dynamic and interactive features. No wonder, we have a niche position among web designers.

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This is another area where Eunoians have unparalleled advantages. Concept art, storyboard, character design, background design, icon design, typography, caricature etc. are routinely and eminently handled by our team.

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We have an advantage in the matter of branding because of the presence of artists with multifarious talents in the team. Eunoians have executed a number of logo, website, mascot designs and content writing projects in addition to explainer videos for total branding packages.

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The Team

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Meet Eunoians

Eunoians came together by the purest accident. The team is made up of young people with a strong affinity towards fine arts. It was natural for them to make a collective decision to take their arts to the digital platform. They hail from all parts of Kerala, the narrow strip of land nestling between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats on the South West of India. They’ve made Kochi, ‘The Queen of the Arabian Sea’ their headquarters.

Capt. Jack Seerow


Jack-of-all-trades and master of all too! That’s our Captain for you. A social media poster boy; his concept art, character design and typography has a huge fan following.

Mr. Magnet

Azeem Kattali

Finding trouble and solving them is a hobby for Mr. Magnet. Smooth talker, moon walker, troubleshooter and a talented animator; he is the method in our madness.

Maya V

Imodraj Mohanamani

Say: “Om hreem kuttichatha!”; that is the time he takes to create a graphic novel character. Child’s mind trapped behind a serious face, he is more curious than our cat.

The Monk

Rajesh Velachery

As silent as a meditating wall, he is a reservoir of skills. Master of 2D animation, concept art, character design and BG design; he lives in world that he imagines for himself.


Aswarth Sadhu

One man, many faces, that is what this man is! An outstanding 3D animator and a passionate filmmaker, also expertise in motion graphics, compositing, cinematography and VFX.

Ice Cube

Mithun Krishna

That is how cool this dude is! An experienced animator, excellent music composer and a dangerous singer. His singing talent and mosquitos are what give us sleepless nights.


Jeroy Joseph

ODN read as Odiyan; this occult phenomenon works magic with motion graphics, animation and other skills. Youngest amongst us, ODN transforms to what his project demands him to be.

The Guru

Dr. Eby Thomas Thachil

Our life coach and mentor with an eternal smile who brings sense and practicality to our crazy dreams. Retired Professor, counsellor, content/script writer rolled into one.

Tongue Tickler

Bindu Nadeshan

Keeps the pot boiling, mesmerizes us with culinary wonders. Aroma from her kitchen ensures that there is more water in our mouths than in the water tank.



If you can imagine and have the ability to make it come alive, if you can dream and have the courage to make it real.. You are welcome aboard! Give us a shout.

  • Believe in your character. Animate (or write) with sincerity.

    — Glen Keane —
  • Your mind, your motion and your expression is an animation to marvel and to praise.

    — Bryant McGill—
  • Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?

    — Steve Jobs —


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