CREAttitude Association

Missioned to awaken ecological conscience among fellow beings, Manon and Fred found the CREAttitude Association together at France in June 2017. Since then, they have been trying and traveling widely to spread their concerns across the world. Eunoians teamed up with the CREAttitude Association to help their cause with an animated explainer video.

Our Brief
Determined to initiate and awaken ecological consciousness around the world, a young couple from France and co-founders of CREAttitude Association, Manon & Frédérick, were once in town documenting for their venture. That was when we happened to meet them and resorted in making our pinch of contribution towards raising ecological awareness!

The Idea
The concept was to show how the Personalized Gift Card is helpful for people to make their presence felt to their dear and near even when they are thousands of miles away. The video brings in focus a soldier who wants to make a special gift to his wife on their first wedding anniversary from 3,000 kms away. Here, Personalized Gift Card feature proves to be the exact solution for making the day special enough for the soldier and his wife.

The Outcome
After many exhilarating sessions of high-end animation we came up with an exciting TVC that conveys the underlying concept in its entirety. The video conveys the essence of the Personalized Gift Card idea in vivid detail where a melodious BGM score and associated effects act as the icing on the cake.

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