FreeCharge Wallet

FreeCharge, India's leading digital payments platform introducing FreeCharge Wallet - The fastest way to pay at your favourite outlets! Now you can pay offline merchants using FreeCharge App in less than 10 seconds.

Our Brief

The client wanted us to do a short video on the usefulness of the FreeCharge wallet which makes it possible to pay offline merchants in less than 10 seconds. The advantages of this new payment option viz. speed, safety and freedom from carrying money and credit cards around apart from attractive offers on the FreeCharge App had to be emphasized.

The Idea

We decided on a 3D format based on a script in which a young man is the protagonist. The theme is how the mobile phone has transformed itself into a payment device on top of its umpteen uses for the modern man. The video will illustrate how FreeCharge eliminates the bothersome need to carry around money or credit cards when shopping.

The Outcome

The final output makes good use of the possibilities of the 3D format and smooth transitions. We kept the character and BG designs simple, yet attractive.  The dramatic and convenient new method of payment in a matter of seconds is visualized using motion graphics elements.   We’re happy the client has expressed total satisfaction.

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