Gourmet11 is an online restaurant. A team of handpicked chefs work towards preparing delicious and nutritious gourmet food and a pacy delivery team makes sure you receive your meal piping hot.

Our Brief

The client who has a home delivery service for wholesome, tasty meals in the UAE wanted us to do an animation video. Their meals are designed to please all sections of the public, be it professionals, businessmen, artists or other employees.

The Idea

We decided on an approach representing each class of the clientele by a character in his/her working backdrop. The service of top class chefs employed by Gourmet11 was also underlined. Besides, the wide variety of their dishes is highlighted.

The Outcome

The result met with the wholehearted approval of the client. With ample attention given to the mobile/PC interface for ordering meals from Gourmet11, it turned out to be the archetypal explainer video with a stylized execution.

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