This is another area where Eunoians have unparalleled advantages. Take a look at some of our acclaimed illustrations.

Message & Good Habits Stories

These likeable illustrations were done for Pastrol Orientation Centre. They reflect the feel good sentiments expounded by the organization with cute innocent characters readily appealing to children’s minds.

Film Collaterals

Creativity is the hallmark of these assignments. Every title and film poster is fresh in concept capturing the theme and mood of the film in toto. The Eunoians’ repertoire is replete with many more artistic capabilities. Concept art, storyboard, design of characters, mascots and icons, background design, comic strips, caricatures, typography etc. are routinely and eminently handled by our team members.

Calender 2015

llustrations for the Global 2015 Calendar Campaign of UAE Exchange. It’s based on an interesting story of two little friends, the UAE Exchange kid and his friend. The UAE Exchange kid is always willing to go the extra mile, like UAE Exchange itself. The detailed colour scheme, the richness of feeling and the expressive images make these illustrations true works of art.

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