MANORAMAONLINE owned by Malayala Manorama is the number one web-portal patronized by the vast majority of Malyalees from all parts of the world.

Our Brief

The clients wanted to promote their dynamic online portal and demonstrate its diverse aspects. They have several channels each useful for different classes of people based on their special interests, station in life, age group, profession etc. They intend to publish this promo video on all platforms (theaters, social media, TV etc). The main challenge is to explain the utility of individual channels. Also they required thirty seconds stand alone cuts of each of those clips in addition to the full length video.

The Idea

We planned for a narration technique where one anecdote will lead to another seamlessly. An outstanding concept and script provided by the agency (The Local Network) ensured a smooth transition from one character to another and leads to take the setting to the next. The characters were designed to give a unique Kerala touch. The ethnicity and richness of Kerala culture will be the distinguishing feature of the illustration. A soft colour scheme with a novel style will add to the overall attractiveness. We did a thorough search before selecting the voice over artist.

The Outcome

The client expressed utmost happiness on delivery of the video. The script, narrative style, layout design, choice of colors etc. gave us total satisfaction. The animation style and texture were in keeping with the simplicity and flow of the script. The excellent voice over delivery by popular actor and stand-up comedian Ramesh Pisharody was a bonus. The judicious use of BGM and SFX made the video a piece of work that team Eunoians could be justifiably proud of.

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