Monkvyasa is the fast, reliable and convenient method to consult the best astrologers online. The vision of is to make people's lives easier by using the power of the internet. Astrology is part of day-to-day decision making for many people. But even in this era, people find it difficult to access an authentic and reliable astrology service online. Here’s where Monkvyasa comes to your help.

Our Brief

The client has a website for online astrological consultancy, They wanted the video to educate the public about the significance of consulting an astrologist and how they can be of help. They were particular that the end product must be something novel, out of the box.

The Idea

We felt that it is usual in life for people to go through a series of disasters for no particular reason. At such moments one wonders whether there’s something that controls his/her destiny and renders one’s own efforts ineffective. The idea of a young man, Rohith going through unexplained misfortunes and looking for a solution resulted from this. We decided on isometric view and a fast and linear narrative to hold the attention of the viewer.

The Outcome

Rohith finally sorts out his problems with the help of We deliberately kept the scenes uncluttered for maximum effect. Everything about this video has been specially designed for the greatest impact- the colour scheme, isometric view, the story line and the animation style. The result is for all to see.

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