PORTEA – Heal at home

Portea is the largest home health care service provider in India. They offer a variety of health related services like physiotherapy, nursing, attendant/home health aide, home consultancy by medical experts etc in many cities of the country. Their physiotherapy services, delivered at your doorstep, are a great boon for hardworking individuals who cannot find the time to visit hospitals or doctors.

Our Brief

Portea wanted us to highlight their physiotherapy services and explain how it can make a great difference to hardworking executives. Such people get backaches because of continued sitting in faulty postures and the rigours of daily travel. The pressure of work does not allow them the freedom to attend to their own health or of their dependants.

The Idea

We decided to make a 2D animated video with smooth transitions from one scene to another. It is based on the story of Anand, an IT executive perpetually striving to meet deadlines neglecting his persistent backache. His parents also have health problems which poor Anand is in no position to attend to. As luck would have it, Portea opens a new world for him and he gets rid of his aches all in the comfort of his home.

The Outcome

The video passes on the message of Portea in a lucid fashion. Anand now gets the time and the mood to spend quality time with his family without being harried by backache. The colours and layout style used to support Portea’s brand identity which the viewers can easily relate with their services. The other services of Portea are also explained thus presenting Portea as an outstanding home health care option.

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