WWF Human-Leopard Conflict

WWF-India is one of the most prominent charitable organizations in the world with a rich history of nature and wildlife conservation activities coined for the Indian sub-continent. We created this video for WWF as part of their awareness campaign on ‘Human-Leopard conflict’.

Our Brief

The ‘Human-Leopard’ conflicts are happening mainly on the terrain regions of the country. We started off by doing a detailed research on the topic and a bunch of posters from the client provided some basic information. We worked our way around both to come up with a script that dealt with the problem and its solution. The client raised a most important point – not to demonize any of the parties involved, viz. humans or leopards.

The Idea

We started by splitting the concept in two parts, one which stating the reasons behind the conflict, at the same time, displacing the popular notion that the leopard is a danger for humans. And a second one dealing with the precautionary measures humans should adopt in order to reduce or nullify conflicts. The core idea was to establish that as a large carnivore, the leopard is only following its instincts and conflicts are inevitable when humans continue to encroach on its territory.

The Outcome

Telling the stories of human-animal conflicts is always a challenge and a fascination for any artistic team. We applied two somewhat different treatment styles for each part. The first part came into life with rich colors and arresting detail portraying the beauty of Indian forests. For the second part we chose a limited animation style and bright color tones. Befitting Voice Over, BGM and Sfx supports were provided. After countless sessions of discussion and revision we delivered a video which, we believe, is something to be cherished!

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